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Evil Residues Hacked

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Evil Residues (play original game)
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Cheat: All purchases add money.
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  • Evil Residues Screenshot
  • Evil Residues Screenshot
  • Evil Residues Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All purchases add money.

Game Description

A young couple has just bought a country house in the middle of nowhere. The local undead residence is not too happy and decide to dispose of them just like the previous owners.

Stop the monsters invading your home by setting up defenses around the house. Defend your newly acquired property with up to 6 different types of turrets to choose from against 9 unique enemies in this full 3D world. Rotate around for a full 360 view and zoom in to where the action is!

Includes a survival mode of play featuring a mansion with 2 entrances to defend. Pit your strategy skills against hordes of monsters!

Cannons slow, long range, hard hitting, ground enemies only
Gatling Guns fast attack, medium range, ground and air
Flame Throwers high damage, close range, ground and air
Bells stun enemies fro a short period of time
Tesla Coils (unlockable) chain attacks multiple grounded enemies only
Lasers (unlockable) fast long range attack for both ground and air

Play well and you will be rewarded with the special and more powerful towers.

How To Play

Mouse Controls
Click = build menu
Drag = shift camera view
[shift]+Drag = rotate/zoom camera view

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