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The Rise Of A King Hacked

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The Rise Of A King
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Cheat: Infinite health, mana, gold.
  • The Rise Of A King Screenshot
  • The Rise Of A King Screenshot
  • The Rise Of A King Screenshot
  • The Rise Of A King Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite health, mana, gold.

Game Description

The Rise of a KING takes a turn to the role playing genre, but still retains the action from its predecessor. If you havent played The Rise of a Knight, then there is a "Story so Far" section where you can watch a slideshow of what happened in the first game.

Explore the world in and around Stormguard Castle as you start off on your first day as a Knight. Times are getting dark with the current king and many others behaving strangely while more and more dangerous creatures appear, causing trouble all over the kingdom. You seem to be the only one to see the obvious corruption, and its up to you to dissolve this matter...

How To Play

Left and right arrow keys to move.
Up - jump.
Down - shield.

Spacebar - Interact

A - Normal attack
S - Heavy attack
D - Use selected spell

1 - Cycle through weapons
2 - Cycle available armor
3 - Cycle through shields

Q - Cycle through spells
W - Drink Mana potion
E - Drink Health potion

C - show/hide controls
M - Map
P - Pause game
T - Toggle quality

You can save your progress by sleeping in your bed in the castle barracks.

Feedback for The Rise Of A King

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  • i can't open my armor inventory and others by pressing 1 2 3
  • wats the differnce with rise of a king and rise of a knight, i just dont get. i cant play becauze i dont have adobe player 10,
  • @aceless

    even though this is like a few months late, the rise of a knight is about an ambushed guard and his journey to knighthood

    the rise of a king is about that knight discovering a conspiracy about the heir to the throne and his journey to kingship
  • and btw, hacks arnt working
  • i cant press em!!!
  • This is Stupid Borrrrrrring
  • and BTW please shut up!

  • Mi mama me mima chiribimchiribim bom bom
  • man the game isnt ready yet i sooooooo hate on the games that werent already ready but released!
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