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Cheat: Infinite resources.
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  • Tinysasters Screenshot
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  • Tinysasters Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite resources.

Game Description

This is Volute’s entry for Ludum Dare 23. The theme was “Tiny World”

In this puzzle/simulation/strategy game you have to heal a tiny world constantly damaged by natural disasters by building a powerful level 4 shrine.

A brand new enhanced Tinysasters is coming soon !

How To Play

Mouse only
The goal is to build a level 4 shrine.

Collect ressources by building workplaces. The type of ressource depends on the tile the workplace is build on.
Grassland → Food
Lake → Water
Forest → Woods
Mountain → Iron

Cities produce two additionnal ressources :
Techs (level 2+ city)
A level 3 city is needed to build the level 4 shrine.

Shrines produce mana. The mana allows you to reconfigure the ground if you want. Same as before, the mana depends on the tile the shrine is build on.
Grassland → Green mana
Lake → Blue mana
Forest → Brown mana
Mountain → Grey mana

Every now and then, natural disasters happen. They reconfigure the ground and make your life harder !

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