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Pirateers 2 Hacked

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Pirateers 2
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Cheat: All upgrades add more. Press Y to add health.
  • Pirateers 2 Screenshot
  • Pirateers 2 Screenshot
  • Pirateers 2 Screenshot
  • Pirateers 2 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All upgrades add more. Press Y to add health.

Game Description

Be a pirate captain - get your crew, prepare your cannons, set the sail and begin your voyage to hunt for the legendary treasure. Trade goods, rob merchants and battle the royal navy, other pirates, ghost ships and giant sea monsters. Customize and upgrade your ship to be faster, stronger and fiercer. Loot and plunder your way to fame and fortune and become the most wanted pirate.

Check out the user maps in: Mission Board>Play Custom Mission.
We add new mission(s) daily.

How To Play

Mouse Control
- Left click to steer ship
- Right click to shoot
(Go to the options menu to swap the left click and right click functions)

- [A,D] or [Left,Right] to turn
- [W,S] or [Up,Down] to adjust speed
- [Space] bar to shoot
- [Tab] key to switch weapons
- [Shift] or [M] to open minimap
- [Z,X,C] to start quest
- [`] to cancel quest
- [1,2,3] to activate crew's abilities

You can enable/disable tutorial in the options menu.

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  • Waw Nice game
    i will play it everyday
  • ganteng ganteng serigala :v
  • hahh
  • ini dia kita mempersembahkan ganteng ganteng sering gila
  • very nice game
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