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Memento - Manhunt Hacked

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Memento - Manhunt
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Cheat: Infinite health.
  • Memento - Manhunt Screenshot
  • Memento - Manhunt Screenshot
  • Memento - Manhunt Screenshot
  • Memento - Manhunt Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite health.

Game Description

Memento is a Flash remake of Manhunt (Rockstar Games).Here you can find the first Episode of the game.

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  • zaraz mówisz gościu który stworzył(lub dodał) tę grę że nowe poziomy powstaną w 2010 roku a przecież teraz jest 2014 a zatkało kakao co?
  • great game 5/5
  • translation for galrix -soon you're talking about the guy who created ( or added to) this game that created new levels in 2010, and yet now it is 2014 and backed cocoa what?

    Also he was speaking polish.
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