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Asgard Attack Hacked

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Asgard Attack
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Fantasy Upgrade Strategy Action Actionscript 3 Click to find more games like this.
Cheat: Press 4 to add money.
  • Asgard Attack Screenshot
  • Asgard Attack Screenshot
  • Asgard Attack Screenshot
  • Asgard Attack Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press 4 to add money.

Game Description

Yikes! Goblins are amassing an army and attacking Asgard! The war has begun, but we have teleporters that can zap our troops right to the front lines for just a smattering of gold. Too bad the enemies have the Yetis on their side, and every other evil creature under the sun. But with plenty of upgrades and the strongest of gods on our side, surely the kingdom is in good hands. Asgard Attack, by AnnieandMark, is an action defense game where you need to deploy units to save the day. You can choose to summon in warriors, archers, mages, and healers, and direct them where to go with a simple click of a button to stop the fiends from following the path to your kingdom, marked by blue flags. You can select individual units or click and drag a box to gather them all up and send them all over the map. Each unit is upgraded individually, as is their armor, weapons, and special abilities. When all three are maxed out after four upgrades apiece, you can then choose what powerful god to change them into, unlocking more spells and powerups. Create buildings in town to get even more upgrades using stars earned by finishing levels in different modes.

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