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Real Estate Mogul Hacked

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Real Estate Mogul
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Cheat: All purchases add money.
  • Real Estate Mogul Screenshot
  • Real Estate Mogul Screenshot
  • Real Estate Mogul Screenshot
  • Real Estate Mogul Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All purchases add money.

Game Description

Have you always wanted to build a Real Estate Empire to rival the best? Test your mettle and see how well you can do in Real Estate Mogul.
Start small, buying a few Slum Houses, wait a little while, and reinvest to buy better and better properties. After a while, retire to gain Brokers and use them for Huge Permanent Research Bonuses. Can you climb to the top and become the Real Estate Mogul?
Real Estate Mogul is a simple Idle Time style game, with a few new twists, including employees, retirement bonuses and Permanent Research that remains between retirements!

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