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Caribbean Admiral 2 Hacked

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Caribbean Admiral 2
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Cheat: Press J to toggle invulnerability.
  • Caribbean Admiral 2 Screenshot
  • Caribbean Admiral 2 Screenshot
  • Caribbean Admiral 2 Screenshot
  • Caribbean Admiral 2 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press J to toggle invulnerability.

Game Description

Six unique ships mercenaries, each with their own special attack will help you to understand the secrets of the Caribbean. Are you ready? Then – hoist the sails!

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  • xD
  • how do i beat poseidon?????
  • poseidon ???
  • I beat the poseidon by using the 5000 gold cannons. And i use level 7 legendary explosives for my kraken, level 9 for 2 rare explosives. And also, i have max upgrade for my ships (Vikings and european). I got lucky only 2 of my ships that get destroyed. I won by my kraken. You guys should use explosives imo
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