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Yan Loong Legend 2 3rd Impact Hacked

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Yan Loong Legend 2 3rd Impact
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Cheat: Infinite lives, energy, points.
  • Yan Loong Legend 2 3rd Impact Screenshot
  • Yan Loong Legend 2 3rd Impact Screenshot
  • Yan Loong Legend 2 3rd Impact Screenshot
  • Yan Loong Legend 2 3rd Impact Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite lives, energy, points.

Game Description

Yan loong, is a disciple of the well known Loong Dao martial art faction, which is famous for the Chinese old martial art form of “Dragon Qigong”.
Yan Loong obeys his master’s order to find the reason why wars were happening in the world. Yan Loong encountered some enemies who were from the Dark Legions, however, all of the enemies were defeated by Yan Loong. After these battles, Yan Loong has found a dark power that is gradually changing the peaceful world.
After this, Yan Loong got his junior fellow apprentice - Zhi Loong’s assistance to investigate the truth of the dark power. They got a message from someone that in the mountains near the “Green hill lake” where there is a martial art master whose name is Bai Loong, claiming he is the master of Loong Dao martial art faction. Bai Loong uses his powerful martial arts to accroach the mountains and the lake, and lead many to die. Yan Loong and Zhi Loong decided to go to“Green hill lake” and to enter the mountain to punish Bai Loong who pretended to be their master, save all lives that lives in this place, and win back the popularity of their faction.

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