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Shop Empire
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Cheat: Infinite cash.
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Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite cash.

Game Description

Build the biggest, most luxurious and extemely profitable shopping malls around the world. Deploy and upgrade boots, restrooms, elevators and restaurants to make your vistors spending lots and lots of money. Hire cleaners to keep it tidy, technicians for dealing with power failures and security against the shop lifters. This pixel quality game is fun for everyone!

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  • comments:BURGER01 October 2011 Permalink
    Posts: 29
    I like this GAME....
    " Watch out for the robber! "
    seba540 November 2011 Permalink
    Posts: 18
    good game good hacks
    craig December 2011 Permalink
    Posts: 12
    it takes fore ever to go to other countrys
    craig December 2011 Permalink
    Posts: 12
    now i was lucky i got to other countrys
    Jones December 2011 Permalink
    Posts: 112
    Robber:I'm going to take the money from this booth!
    Cop:No you won't!
    Robber:Dang I wish I could get money more often!
    Cop:That will never happen!
    Robber:Sometime it will!
    FahrizaPutra January 29 Permalink
    Posts: 1
    MY mall name is sayang
    Annoying_Orange January 31 Permalink
    Posts: 79
    sayang sayang sepako sayang matebo tebo sepko sayang
    Annoying_Orange January 31 Permalink
    Posts: 79
    my shop named GOBLOK
    Da1ko2ta3 February 6 Permalink
    Posts: 1
    this is awesome!!!!!!!
    DESTRUCTOR February 17 Permalink
    Posts: 7
    my shop named name
    Frodo_Madness February 17 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    Great game. Love it most when it is hacked!!
    Frodo_Madness February 17 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    Robber: You cant catch me!
    Cop: Oh yes i can!
    Robber: Try to loser!
    Cop: i got a gun and i know how to use it!
    Robber: Fine bring me to jail.
    Frodo_Madness February 19 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    AWESOME game...im on day 153
    Frodo_Madness February 22 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    omg i had it do all night and when i got on i was on day 806!!!!!!!!!!!
    Frodo_Madness February 23 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    now i am on day 833!!!!! i bet in a while i will reach day 1000!!!
    Frodo_Madness February 23 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    i am on day 999 and about to reach day 1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Frodo_Madness February 24 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    oh my god oh my god im so ***************** mad!!!!!!!!!! I accedently clicked the home button when i thought i was on a different page but i was on this **************** game!!!!!!!!!! and now i have to start all over to day 1000 something!!!:( im so ************************* mad!
    Frodo_Madness February 24 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    oh and even worse i was on day 1300 or something like that and i had to *************** start all ************** over again!!
    Frodo_Madness February 24 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    and even worse i dont give a **********************!!!!!!!!!!
    Frodo_Madness February 26 Permalink
    Posts: 3367
    great now i always have to save it earlier because this game has some trouble saving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$#############################################################@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@###############$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&****************(((((((((((((())))))))))))))_________________+++++++++++++++++++++
    TROJAN_VIRUS March 10 Permalink
    Posts: 4793
    LOL MY NAME IS ....... A........VIRUS
    renniel09 March 12 Permalink
    Posts: 30
    koko7725meekogwapo March 18 Permalink
    Posts: 3
    My floors is up to: 19/18/17/16/15/14/13/12/10 guess. (*&^%$#@!~!@#$%^*)(*^%$#@!~)(*&^%$#@!|+_)(*&^%$#@!+_)(*&^%$#@
    revenge1234 April 7 Permalink
    Posts: 42
    a rober steal my shop i day!!!!!!!
    mychemicalromance April 14 Permalink
    Posts: 73
    i like games like this,corporition inc and theme hotel
    mychemicalromance April 16 Permalink
    Posts: 73
    robber: no cops, yes cop:not so fast robber:aww come on cop:youre going downtown,punk
    Potato April 20 Permalink
    Posts: 73
    Haha, so funny........ Not.
    Himeeeee_ April 21 Permalink
    Posts: 69
    INDONESIA!! \(^.^)6
    mychemicalromance April 25 Permalink
    Posts: 73
    potato **** yah
    mychemicalromance April 26 Permalink
    Posts: 73
    potato suck it
    yenoel23 April 30 Permalink
    Posts: 52
    my shop is so big sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo very big
    VaMp663 May 6 Permalink
    Posts: 281
    :D lady gogo
    zachary12379 May 8 Permalink
    Posts: 115
    realy annoying orange his a werido
    James2259 May 12 Permalink
    Posts: 2
    My shop has 100 security guards
    Robber:You can't catch me
    Guard:Maybe not me but watch this (Sets alarm off 100 guards surround robber)
    Stephaniee2001 May 19 Permalink
    Posts: 52
    -____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ M ▓████
    PaulaSisco May 22 Permalink
    Posts: 105

    robber:yes no cops now i can steal that jewl woah a cop
    cop:not so fast sets alarm on 8264763874637246 cops surround him
    robber:oh crap shoots them all hahahahaha now i can steal it theres a cop somewhere i just know it crap im right
    robber: no dead bazooka boom
    mudit May 29 Permalink
    Posts: 5
    my mall named dont come in
    VaMp663 May 29 Permalink
    Posts: 281
    my shop name is no robbers allowed now
    VaMp663 May 29 Permalink
    Posts: 281
    a women went into the man toilets eurgh dirty
    VaMp663 May 29 Permalink
    Posts: 281
    justin bieber is **** F**** hes in this game as justin mieber
    SjoerdAndriesKamstra June 2 Permalink
    Posts: 1
    ik heb dit all uit gespeelt
    ComtexMadness June 10 Permalink
    Posts: 5
    Gay jsutin WE HATE!!!
    purplebrick97 June 27 Permalink
    Posts: 8
    walrusy walrusness is better than awsomeness
    purplebrick97 June 27 Permalink
    Posts: 8
    by the way if you hold down shift when spawning workers, and you click how many you want you will generate more of them
    Umbreon77 July 11 Permalink
    Posts: 10
    I love the game! I finished the game and I love the Live Concert music!!!!!!! :)
    Umbreon77 July 11 Permalink
    Posts: 10
    I have 25 security agents, so robbers better watch out!
    Umbreon77 July 11 Permalink
    Posts: 10
    Yep.. my hall is famous!

    Customer 1: I wanna go to the hall!
    Customer 2: Me too!
    Customer 3: I've heard that there is a live concert.
    All customers: I LOVE THIS HALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Umbreon77 July 11 Permalink
    Posts: 10
    Guess that 25 security agents wasn't enough. I added 20! Now it's 45 security agents!!! :)
  • lol i got like 70 cops in my mall
  • wow save want work only auto save works
  • (00)

  • (00) /00\ |00|
    Squidward,Patrick,Spongebob sees you
  • the shop empire two is if you lose money you earn money if you earn money you lose money i hate that game!!
  • (y)
  • shut up will you!!!!!!
  • What happen guys?
  • Wow This Is The Best Game Ever
  • I have played this in y8 and have no cheats
  • Yeah I Finished The Game
    In 32days
  • This Game Is awesome

  • In New york There Are A Strong Theft
  • best game in the world
  • this is my favorite game in the world
  • cosa succede se?
  • joel hi
  • I like Shop empire
  • lololololololololololololo
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