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Mario Express Hacked

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Mario Express
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Cheat: All levels unlocked.
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  • Mario Express Screenshot
  • Mario Express Screenshot
  • Mario Express Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All levels unlocked.

Game Description

Mario express is a very fun little flash game! Help Mario deliver tractor loads of mushrooms, stars and even green shells to market! Navigate through the levels without tipping your load and then park your trailer at the finish line as close to the flag as possible! This game gets trickier! The cryptic message "You didnt add the minimum required number of items inside the boxes" means you haven't parked your trailer close enough to the flag or you lost too many items!

How To Play

Arrow Keys
Up - Accelerate
Down - Decelerate
Left - Tilt Backward
Right - Tilt Forward
Space bar - Detach trailer

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