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DuckLife 2: World Champion Hacked

DuckLife 2: World Champion Icon
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DuckLife 2: World Champion
(Avg. 4.10) ...
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Cheat: Infinite money.
  • DuckLife 2: World Champion Screenshot
  • DuckLife 2: World Champion Screenshot
  • DuckLife 2: World Champion Screenshot
  • DuckLife 2: World Champion Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite money.

Game Description

The sequel to the duck training sim. Travel the globe racing your duck to become the world champion.
Hope you all like it!

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  • Ouch! That hurt!
    You Won 1,600 Coins
  • i love this game!
    9000 game rating!
  • like this!!!
  • :) я поставлю рейтинг 5!
  • try to beat my bluen
  • Dianne(Mary) Says:

    Try To Beat My Bluen
  • @Neosaurian_4_Life Says:
    Practice Until Became Super And Then Come Back Again To The Races
  • ya jugaron el mismo juego este Duck Life 4 ya me lo acabe XD
  • Darky says: Yeser is an epic fagot
  • duck life 5!
    choose your bird
    goose or duck
    learn to fly, run, climb, jump... and after the hacked version p.s drag your duck onto the sky it reaches level a50 everything!
    more locations
    and save the girl!
    defeat the super lava duck!
  • i mean 150
  • I can't stop laughing on this world tour race game...
  • Yeser completed the game about!
  • play duck life 5 now
    12 locations, and bosses!
    12 tournament races
  • and you now can keep 10 ducks instead of 6 like in the 4th part
    wim tournament races to unlock locations
    duck life 4 and duck life ios locations:
    grassland swamp mountians glacier city volcano
    duck life 5 and duck life ios 2 locations:
    grassland london(replaces city) alaska (replaces glacier) simmiw (replaces swamp) tamua (new) hills (replaces mountians) taxa (new) volcano
  • awesome
  • Please stop spamming
  • C
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