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Papa's Hot Doggeria Hacked

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Papa's Hot Doggeria
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Upgrade Cooking Achievement Papa Louie Arcade Papas Actionscript 3 Click to find more games like this.
Cheat: Press 1 to toggle customers satisfaction.
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  • Papa's Hot Doggeria Screenshot
  • Papa's Hot Doggeria Screenshot
  • Papa's Hot Doggeria Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press 1 to toggle customers satisfaction.

Game Description

Grill and serve hot dogs and other stadium snacks in Papa's Hot Doggeria! You've got the best seat in the house at Griller Stadium, which happens to be behind the counter at the hot dog stand. You'll need to grill dogs and sausages, add toppings and condiments, pour drinks, and pop popcorn for all of the fans at the game!

How To Play

Use the mouse to take orders, grill hot dogs, add condiments, and prepare soda and popcorn. Follow the in-game tutorial for more information.

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  • This is what it would look like irl:
    Kami:(A random worker) Hello :) What would u like?
    Customer: As usual :)
    Kami: Ok! Coming right up!! *gives the customer a real dog in a hot dog costume*
    Customer: :D I GOT A REAL DOGGEH!!! >:D
    Kami: Her name is Lucy.
    Costumer: Hai Lucy!!! >:DDD
    Lucy: *Barks* *Bites the costumer*
    Costumer: *Screams* I HATE U LUCY DDDDD: *Runs super fast*
    Kami: Come here Lucy :)
    Lucy: *Pants* *Licks Kami's nose*
    Kami: Paw 5 :)
    Lucy+Kami: *Paw 5's each other*
    Kami: Thatsa good girl :)
    The next day, Papa Louie fires her.
  • Day 3: Kami kept Lucy and their poor. Lucy howls every night for food, and Kami cries because they have absolutely nothing. One spec of food appears. Kami and Lucy looked at each other. They ran up to the spec of food and none got it. Then Kami got an idea.
    Kami: Let's share it. Lucy did not think it would work out well, but food is food. Kami split it up it half and they both ate it. At least they had something in their stomachs. They looked at the people. One day, Papa Louie saw them and he felt pity. He gave them $50 for them to buy some food for at least 2 days. Kami and Lucy was excited. They ran to the closest restaurant they could find, the Hot Doggeria. $10 for each hot dog! Aren't they lucky! Hot dogs for 5 days... . They bought 5 hot dogs and they ate a half everyday for them to last...
  • But it didnt...! How stupid they were! They ate 2 hot dogs in 1 day! 2nd day, they ate another 2! Then, the 3rd, they shared the last hot dog. Then a person came up. It was the customer! Her name was Wendy. Wendy had like, $1,000. She gave half of her money to them.
    Wendy: I am sorry that u lost ur job :'( Would u like to stay at my place for a month to get back on track?
    Kami: Umm... sure. I'm sorry that I made Lucy bit u. *snarls at Lucy* Lucy: *scared* But they were on track and got the $500 from Wendy. They were then again happy. But the money did NOT last......! Surprising!!!
  • Part 4: Depression. After 2 weeks later, they had nothing again! 1 week later, Lucy died from hunger. (Poor Lucy :( )Kami cried ever since she died. She was yet so hungry... and her dead dog by her side... Wendy came back. She didn't look too happy.
    Wendy: What happened?! Kami: Lucy died. :'( *cries* Wendy: *kicks Lucy* (DDDDDDDDDDD: . ) *Gives Kami a new Lucy which is so much better and well-trained and fed.* Here. Mess her up, and ur in big trouble. A person then gave her 5K!!! She thought it was Wendy... nope! Someone much nicer then Wendy... Peggy! (I like Peggy. She's my fav. ;) . ) Peggy asked her if she would want to live with her. Yep! For 5 months! After that, Peggy told her (and Lucy, the new Lucy :P )that she had 100K!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Part 5: Back on track! >:D Peggy actually told her she had 1mil!!! She gave Kami $500,000 for a new house and a lifetime supply of food. (and food for the new Lucy, which she acts just like Lucy.) But it didn't go quite so well... Kami went out of state; far away from Wendy. She said goodbye to her new bff, Peggy, who cried when she heard Kami's news. Then she got sick! Her doctor said she had to pay 1mil for her to get the sickness out. Turns out, the new Lucy was Lucy!!! Kami was surprised. She asked Peggy if she could look after Lucy until she's better. Then, a super nice person gave her 1mil! It was Mandy! She had$5,000,000!!! Kami was yet super happy. Her sickness was gone, and she had her favorite dog Lucy back. Her doctor said that if she was poor, she could keep the 1mil. She lied, and she said she was poor. (It's a way to get money. :P)
  • Part 6:(Sorry that I'm spamming the chat a little XD) Lucy is sick!!! Lucy was yet sick again. Not from hunger, but a rare dog-sickness. Kami asked Mandy if she could look after Lucy until she's better. Kami was yet alone. She played Minecraf, (MINECRAFT IS THE BEST!!! >:D GOOD 4 U, KAMI! >:DD She asked her minecraft friends if there is a cure for the sickness that Lucy had. Luckily, Peggy was online! She told her there was, but it's free! (:D) Kami was super happy.
  • Part 7: Is there really a cure for the sickness? Kami couldn't decide... if she would risk Lucy's life for the sickness. She thought she had to do it to save Lucy. She had Lucy back, and there wasn't a cure! She kept a sick dog! (How dare u, Peggy?! D: . ) 1 week later, (Lucy didn't die again if u were wondering :P) Lucy was worse! Kami worried.The next day... :O Lucy... actually... TALKED!!! >:O Lucy: I don't feel so well... Kami: ?!?!?!?!?! Lucy: I need food.. and water... Kami: :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O *gives Lucy so much food and water. Lucy: *eats and drinks the water* Will she get better? (I HOPE SO.)
  • Part 8:(The end, not for the dog. :P) After Lucy ate and drink, a few days later... she was a little bit better! >:DDDDDDDDD Kami was so relieved. Lucy: Omg thank u <3 I now know that u really DO love me! >:D Kami: :) I love u to. Now finish ur dinner, and get a good rest. :) *smiles sweetly* The next day, Lucy didn't talk... the NEXT day, she tried to, but made little squeaky noises. The NEXT NEXT day, she can talk! Kami was now rich, and Lucy died when she was 20. Kami was 60, and lived a happy life and kept 2 cats, Snowflake and Ella. Lucy kept on checking Kami, and smiled at her. Kami pretended not to notice so that the cats wouldn't notice a dead, happy ghost-dog. The cats and dog were happy, Kami and Lucy were happier. If Kami's friend's wouldn't help her, she would still be on the streets helpless, sick, famished, and tired. THE END. (Or is it? :3) If u want me to add a second part about there being the 3rd Lucy, Kami, or the life of the cats, comment me on my page. Kami: I hope u do. :) Us: We all agree :)
  • (My last and final comment for today ;P) I love this game and when it was Thanksgiving, and I noticed that this was a new game, and when I was done with 2 plates of dinner, I actually played more of this XD (True story)
  • Oh and P.S., VirgKiss, ur ABC thing was lammo. :P
  • you know roblox nice
  • gua juga bisa
  • derp
  • ../.....
  • ……………./'_/)
    …(‘(…………. ¯~/’..’)
  • ……………./'_/)
    …(‘(…………. ¯~/’..’)
  • LUcu
  • lucu ape
  • nice game
  • Head Smash from Animateit.net
  • por favor no lea esto
    el 13 de octubre de 1991
    un niño llamado nick se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares
    si ya leiste esto debes copiar y pegar
    en otros 3 juegos mas o si no nick vendra por tu familia
    ...haslo por favor hasme caso
    y mi nombre es jenna. tengo 7 años de edad,
    cabello rubio y ojos aterradores. no tengo nariz ni orejas,
    estoy muerta, si no pones esto en los siguientes 3 juegos en los proximos 40 minutos
    me aparecere esta noche junto a tu cama con un cuchillo y te
    matare... esto no es una broma algo buenote sucedera a ti esta noche a
    las 9:50 te lo vuelvo a decir esto no es una broma alguien especial te
    llamara por telefono o hablara contigo y te dira cuanto te quiere.
    no la rompas !!!!
  • i am in the game!
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