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Cheat: Infinite money.
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Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite money.

Game Description

Game Dev Story was released in 2010 and became very popular as a mobile game for IOS and Android. It revolves around the user growing their game development from puzzle pieces and trivia games to a full-fledged gaming console. Game Corps PC game is of the same nature. It is based upon the same premise of developing your own game. Just like Game Dev Story and even similar to the Sims, the virtual environment that you develop becomes your game. The main point of games such as this is to make the right choices and be successful. The PC version of Game Corp game lets you play anytime you want. The familiarity of these types of games is extremely popular with gamers although criticized in other circles. Many gamers enjoy working on developing these types of games and once you are hooked you will continue to find yourself coming back for more. A couple of tips on working this game to its potential include clearing your cache before playing. You wont have to worry about players not moving from their position or any bugs affecting your play. Make sure you see the latest version. Follow the instructions if provided. You may find that you grow hooked to the game and come back for more in your virtual universe. You have the option of saving your games and coming back later to continue or starting a new one. You also are able to gain credits for use later on this or other games.

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  • the ****.
  • i mean like infinite money is ****.however it's useful
  • why the **** did i write that
  • wait no i mean typed
  • 1 star out of 10 from me
  • (.Y.)
  • (._.)
    /\ STRONG MAN!!!
  • ----(._.)
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    Go Here:http://www.hackedonlinegames.com
  • /\
    /\| |/\ DAFUQ U
  • ----------/|\
  • /---------\
  • /\ /\ /\
    | | |
  • Worker1#:Awsome
    Worker1337#:N0 u 4r3 stup1d m4x
  • I will give L33T Over 1337 stars
  • Wonderful games
    Virginity Played Dis Shit
  • after a few days all workers go to back and get stuck
  • how you expand!
  • You Guys Are Mad!!!!. this game is just crazy and awesome i get 5 from all. you know u need to train workers and expand with money.... so you can play
  • this is epic i reccive 5 stars everytime i create a game :D
  • @LakeAbadai Get that stupid ass website out of here its a disgrace to even talk about it on this website
  • ok So yeah the workers get stuck behind the building making the game unplayable good job
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