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Derp Till Dawn Hacked

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Derp Till Dawn
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Cheat: God mode.
  • Derp Till Dawn Screenshot
  • Derp Till Dawn Screenshot
  • Derp Till Dawn Screenshot
  • Derp Till Dawn Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

God mode.

Game Description

Derp till Dawn is a nightmarish, My Little Pony-themed slenderman clone. Option is to navigate the cute filly with its weak flashlight through the dark mysterious forrest overnight to find all letters. Terrified? Much fun.

How To Play

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move, Z = Run

Feedback for Derp Till Dawn

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  • slenderpony is my freind heheheheh
  • there no scary here even i see slenderpony he kiss meh lol
  • slender pony only makes your camera wavy and blury
  • Lol the scary thing...when you thought this game not scary...And increased the volume...AND when the slender teleport front of you...SCREAMING EVERYDAY
  • OMG slenderman!!!!!! pony version. pewdie where are you!!!!!!
  • Yami play thi
  • Derp till hooves
  • WTF is this unholy ****ing crap
  • its very scary i found slender in the house lol pony version slender
  • what the hell
  • lol slender
  • 1st Note - In front of you
    2nd Note - Go EXACTLEY north east (press + hold both up + right arrow)
    3rd Note - Go left (about 2 secs) until you pass a tree stump then immediately go up
    4th note - (Inside house, 1st person view) go through 1st door, then the door at the very end, turn right, go through the second door you see, at the dead end.
    5th Note - Find your way out the house and keep going left til you reach a circle on the ground. It's just above it
    6th Note - Find the WELL are when found it Note Go yourself INSIDE to be WELL.

    I don't know where are placing WELL could not find my Note 7th.
  • whoever said "is this slender based" of course it is you ****ing retard wake up you drunk
  • 0th suck dicks kids
  • Loooooooooool
  • It slender
  • It scary
  • Hi guy
  • It feras
  • Brony games are best games :3
  • glitch when i got inside the well i couldn't see a thing and it wasnt my flashlight
  • im the main character
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