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Hellvolution Hacked

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Cheat: God mode.
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  • Hellvolution Screenshot
  • Hellvolution Screenshot
  • Hellvolution Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

God mode.

Game Description

Remember 13 Days in Hell? .. Now the zombies are back and you are unfortunate enough to wake up in the midst of the action!

The local weapons dealer is your only chance of survival. Purchase and use your ammunition wisely, run out when most needed and you will be dead.

How To Play

Mouse to aim and fire. Use the red dot to determine the perfect spot to fire. (aim for the head)
Spacebar or R to reload.
Keys [1 to 4] to select a weapon.
Keys [5 to 7] to use special skills

A high difficulty level earns more points! (and makes the game more challenging and enjoyable)

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  • This game does not have any comments yet. Be the first person to share your thoughts! woo this game is awesome
  • im new can someone teach me how people put those gifs and memes? plz :3
  • the last part is impossible
  • I enjoy these games.
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