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Polar Bear: Payback Hacked

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Polar Bear: Payback
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Cheat: God mode.
  • Polar Bear: Payback Screenshot
  • Polar Bear: Payback Screenshot
  • Polar Bear: Payback Screenshot
  • Polar Bear: Payback Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

God mode.

Game Description

Life as a polar bear used to be beautiful...peaceful and serene; filled with days of splashing about in freezing water and chowing down on fish. Now, thanks to humanity's excessive pillaging of natural resources, the planet's taken a turn for the disgusting and turned your once beautiful homeland into a barely inhabitable wasteland. Time for a little payback! Claw and chomp your way from the Arctic Shore to the streets of New York exacting revenge upon those who have pillaged your once-peaceful frozen wonderland.

How To Play


Polar Bear Payback is played with the keyboard.
Arrow keys - Movement.
A - Maul (uses weapon when you pick one up)
S - Bite. Hold S to suck on the skulls of your enemies to regain a little health. Tap S to spit them out.

Walk over weapons to pick them up, tap A to use them.
Double-tap right or left when the Blitz meter is full to do a dash attack and take out enemies in your way.
Collect health items in each stage to regain life energy.

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