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Decision 3 Hacked

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Decision 3
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Action Shooting Armor Games Actionscript 3 Bad Click to find more games like this.
Cheat: Press J to toggle invulnerability, K to toggle infinite ammo.
  • Decision 3 Screenshot
  • Decision 3 Screenshot
  • Decision 3 Screenshot
  • Decision 3 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press J to toggle invulnerability, K to toggle infinite ammo.

Game Description

Another city taken over with an epidemic awaits you. In Decision 3 you'll meet allies and restore urban facilities. Fight, conquer, reinforce and protect your growing group of survivors while ridding the metropolis of the plague.

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  • How to find "Bear" in Massacre? Do I have to beat the clock and all other objective?

    update: found "bear" at Coldwater area I during ramble. I guess he is randomly placed
  • Something wrong with the Rage ability. It supposed to increase attack, but on the contrary, it decreases attack. Bug?
  • if this version of decision is awsome like this , i can't wait to see how will version 4 will be .!!!!!
  • To admin: Please update to the latest game version. This one has the 'Rage' bug and its quite annoying with lower attack damage everytime 'rage' engage
  • now i know why this game is called decision.
  • dasdasdasdas
  • there needs to be a money hack
  • I noob:c 82 days
  • Please get money cheat
  • yes, money hack please
  • Ormegrg luncharbel an mah muth
  • Needs a Money Hack. Might be better with Money hack, Please Give it a Money Hack.
  • Still waitin for that money hack
  • deodeo
    this game is great but it needs money hack
  • deodeo
    pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i beg you! we need money hack pls!
  • deodeo
  • deodeo
    cool game
  • deodeo
    hey guys i know how to add money in a day! just add some engineers on your team
    and each engineer earns 150 money per day the more enineer the more money
    and the citizen will help to add and it will also add your money. each one of them earns 100 money per day.
  • I don't know if its a bug or anything.. but, I think there's a bug on that rage mode thingy. It decreases damage rather than up the damage. Can the manager fix this?
  • This is annoying game keeps freezing when "loading graphic please wait" appears when going to recon a new area. I thought the huge pre-loader was enough I guess they didn't implement pre-rendering as well.
  • The So-Called God mode cheat isn't working got killed by giant explosion
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