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Conjure Hacked

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Cheat: Your spells gain XP a lot faster.
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  • Conjure Screenshot
  • Conjure Screenshot
  • Conjure Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Your spells gain XP a lot faster.

Game Description

Conjure is a bow game (but with spells) inspired by Bowmaster Prelude. Use the elements to lob attacks at your enemies, summon elementals, and rock the pants off your former apprentice. Which elements you use play a big factor in your success- use the correct element to deal maximum damage. Have a fire elemental you want to make stronger? Cast some fire spells on him- just be careful not to hit the enemy fire elementals with fire spells or you'll heal and boost them!

Speaking of fire elementals, the lowest form of them is the fire pig. That is awesome, and now I want to make a game centered around nothing but fire pigs.


How To Play

Choose your shooting controls at the beginning of the game. From the title screen, you can change your hotkeys. Other settings are available from inside the game itself in the top right corner.


Shooting Option 1: Click on the element orb, hold, and drag back to build power. Release to shoot.
Shooting Option 2: Click on the screen and hold to build up power over time, release to shoot.

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