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Modern Tactics 4 Hacked

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Modern Tactics 4
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Cheat: All features unlocked after Training Mission.
  • Modern Tactics 4 Screenshot
  • Modern Tactics 4 Screenshot
  • Modern Tactics 4 Screenshot
  • Modern Tactics 4 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All features unlocked after Training Mission.

Game Description

Control a squad of 5 soldiers and save the world in the turn based game. Customize your squad by equipping new guns and grenades.

How To Play

Click with mouse to select and control soliders.
Use the shortcuts shown in the game to control soliders.
Click on colours tiles to select it. (full colour tiles only)

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  • don't even comment.
  • wall u did lol
  • haha!
  • this sucks its not a hack? a hack help you win the game, i keep losing >.> they should at least give you all the weapons and more health for your soilders
    1 star
  • the hack dont work get over it but it's a esay game if u know how to play it
  • not a hack update it
  • unlimited health and amo and all guns
  • this sucks!

  • Instead of asking for everything, actually make an EFFORT to use your damn brains you half assed morons!
  • this is not hacked
  • What the....enemies are hacked 2 ?
  • no hack
  • dont play this game ever it must hack unlimited ammo all guns unlocked unlimited guns unlimited health
  • hack or not just play it easy
  • but infinite frag
  • play it on arcade pre hacks.com and you will find infinite ammo and health
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