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Mud And Blood 2 Hacked

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Mud And Blood 2 (play original game)
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Cheat: V.2.3.8! Unlimited tactical points.
  • Mud And Blood 2 Screenshot
  • Mud And Blood 2 Screenshot
  • Mud And Blood 2 Screenshot
  • Mud And Blood 2 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

V.2.3.8! Unlimited tactical points.

Game Description

Ready for some unfair brutality?

Experience World War 2 as a squad leader in a extensively random war game. MNB2 is all about testing your decision making ability and your faculty to adapt in a scenario where no punches are pulled.

This is your show. Complete freedom over how you will setup your defence position with more than 42 options ranging from different soldiers, weapons, buildings and airstrikes…now get out there and fight with all you got.

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  • hey,all of my tp is OO before the supply drop is dropped!
  • good cheat never thought of this
  • hey everyone look at my video on youtube my name on youtube prince of macedon game vid :napoleon total war
  • WTF I summoned two tanks but no tanks apperread fix the bug pls
  • hamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamhamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanaanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamhamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanaanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamhamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanaanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamhamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanaanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamanahamanhamanahamanahamana
  • Tips to survive:have a engineer and sarge.Let the engineer dig a mortars hole(actually its big)and buy a morar at least 6 and place them at middle.Also build a trench and sandbag for additional cover to sarge!
  • my one keeps going to stat menu and stopping game play at random points why
  • the stats panel keeps showing up
  • Sometime,you just need some support
  • The hack will work if you dont get any package
  • Dooooonaudkinder
  • damn airstrike
  • this hack doesn't work.. if you use the tank
  • ICH BIN, die in den Reihen meiner Brüder gehasst. Heil dem Führer
  • in hacked online games it is the cheat:prees Q to add tactical point
  • kiss my ass!
  • **** the game!Remove the supply drop!It make no more unlimited!!!
  • I am........

    I am bored from AnimateIt.net
  • I don't know but this gets my 'SEAL OF APROVAL'
  • Also i would like to know hwat verison it is, because i watched saving private ryan AND I WANT TO SEE A FLAK38
  • try this in facebook :|]
  • great game but the first thing you need to do is fix drops @HFG_webmaster they break it and its no fun anymore =P
  • Always getting the Brandenburg message......
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