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Epic Defense Hacked

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Epic Defense
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Cheat: All purchases add more.
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Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All purchases add more.

Game Description

Epic defense is a strategy game with medieval age theme. Buy upgrades, unlock units and kill enemies trying to destroy your fort gates. Game complete can be earned when you complete all the modes.

Detailed Description: You start off by placing 3 units, two swordsmen and 1 archer. Then as time goes by, enemies start to come to attack your fort gates. You earn gold with each kill. Goal of the game is to defend and survive all the enemy waves till the end. If all your gates are destroyed, you lose that wave, however you get 3 chances for each wave in each mode to retain your progress. If you lose 3 times continuously then your progress will be reset but you will get to retain the unlocked units, so that when you try it next time, its easier. There are four modes in the game – easy, normal, hard and insane. Its best to start playing on easy mode. Insane mode is available only to Kongregate community and players of my site coffingames.com. Your highscore will be submitted each time you complete a wave. I wrote a strategy guide to give the players a general idea on how to win different modes.
If you find a bug, please send the bug report with your system and browser details and the way to replicate the bug (if you can).

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

How To Play

Use mouse to click and place units on ground. Press space for upgrade screen. Press P to pause the game. Note that when you are on upgrade screen, game is automatically paused

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