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Bird Blast Hacked

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Bird Blast
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Cheat: God mode.
  • Bird Blast Screenshot
  • Bird Blast Screenshot
  • Bird Blast Screenshot
  • Bird Blast Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

God mode.

Game Description

All purchaShoot the birds before they can get away! Upgrade your guns and unlock new ones to help you solve the mystery behind the Red Neck's problem. Try to build the biggest combos and get the best rankings for every level!

How To Play

Mouse to aim, left click to shoot.

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  • *.*
  • i got laid
  • 3rd
  • 1st cuz no one said :p
  • **** game ;)
  • 2nd also game to easy
  • whe I thought it could'nt be worse...
  • When*
  • haha
  • serious it sucks.
  • I mean it so don't discuss with me.
  • Do not say any thing against me okey? Thank you for reading all my comments.
  • gan temenku menjual tocat 1 kg 1 kilo sapa mau beli bilang ke aku nanti sama aku di beliin nanti tingal alamat nya aja sama no rumah kl ngak no ponsel
  • *** you tomcat
  • VOTE!
    1 means: this is dried up crap
    2 means: this makes poop look so good that it got famous in 5 minutes!
    3 means: this is bad .... ok it is a little fun....
    4 means: this game is so awesome that im saying that this game is awesomer than me!and thats saying something
    5 means: I have been playing this game for i don't now um i think for a few decades straight!!

    (please vote for this)
  • plz vote me personally 3 or 4 is my vote thx
  • lol
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