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Once In The Cave Hacked

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Once In The Cave
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Cheat: Infinite upgrade points, money.
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  • Once In The Cave Screenshot
  • Once In The Cave Screenshot
  • Once In The Cave Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite upgrade points, money.

Game Description

Exciting and dangerous journey in search of the evil wizard are waiting for you. Retro style platformer in fantasy setting with RPG elements. Pixel-art graphics, dynamic gameplay, large selection of weapons and spells.
- Lots of weapons and magical stuff: wands, potions, swords etc.
- 12 passive skills, to improve your battle tactics.
- Awesome graphic effects.
- Atmospheric soundtrack.

How To Play

Move: Left & Right
Jump: Up or Q
Pick Up Weapons/Items: Space
Use Item: W/E/1/2/3/4

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