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Insectonator: Zombie Mode Hacked

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Insectonator: Zombie Mode
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Cheat: All weapons unlocked.
  • Insectonator: Zombie Mode Screenshot
  • Insectonator: Zombie Mode Screenshot
  • Insectonator: Zombie Mode Screenshot
  • Insectonator: Zombie Mode Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All weapons unlocked.

Game Description

Now you can crush zombies like insects!
Get up to 132% of game progress!
And as always relax and get fun!

Sequel to Insectonator.

How To Play

Mouse to aim and shoot.
Z,X or <> to switch weapons.
SPACEBAR for inventory.
ESC for main menu.

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  • **** yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • who on earth or who in the right mind would sell a nuclehtningar bomb and how did he can control lightning ?
    the answer down down there

    some body that has gone mad(crazy) and the lightning does not have an answer yet? or yet again

    good bye

  • lightning + nuclear thingy = NUCLEAR BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOM

    Answer to:@Yudy
  • Bullseye=Throw dart to the DartBoard
  • Grenade zombie? it's Frag grenadier zombie. It means suicide zombie

    scroll down

    bazooka aims like a Panzershreck rocket launcher Want a Javelin super Jumping bomb in call of duty modern warfare huh?
  • Nuke+Lightning=Suicude
  • Nuke+anvil=flying anvil!
  • Suicide:Nuke+Lighting
    Bullseye:dart scenario+dart
    Fly Anvil,Fly:Nuke+Anvil
    ZombieBall:20 Fast Kills with the ball
    ARMAGEDON:Nuke+Grenade or bazooka

    And a special thing:Armor Sword:20 fast kills with the armor sword...

    Thanks For Check out this!
  • to complete BULLSEYE you goin to do this:
    In the dart scenario you will be
    Shoot a Dart in the center,and now you completed
  • to use the nuke in the normal mod you need a...
    NUKE+al tipe of guns (no the explosives or you goin to do the armagedon).
    Never Do this:
    you goin to commit a SUICIDE...
  • headshot using hand :)lol
    but this true
  • i know how to do armagadon lol and with a nuke just drop a ****ing nuke and use rpg or bazoga and shoot it and then "boom! armagadon" lol
  • HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Head Smash from AnimateIt.net
  • Crazy Dude on Cam from AnimateIt.net

    The workers are enemy and the black one is Spy

    The Spy broke in the base!!!!
  • Security Camera caught
  • daora

  • 1st because noone said it
  • 2nd non say
  • Use Lighting And Nuke Thats Good Idea!!
  • look down

    trol u mad bro?
  • Halo Covenant from AnimateIt.net
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