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Mafia Shootout Hacked

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Mafia Shootout
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Cheat: All purchases add money.
  • Mafia Shootout Screenshot
  • Mafia Shootout Screenshot
  • Mafia Shootout Screenshot
  • Mafia Shootout Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All purchases add money.

Game Description

Shoot the mafia vehicles that are in pursuit.
Ugrade weapons, health, and vehicle defenses.

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  • ww2 guns i love it
  • that game is awesome
  • the guns are all wrong
  • i find it ironic that im playing the game with the godfather above it
  • but hack money is false
  • M3=Thompson M1A1
    M1A1=M3 Grease Gun
    The game maker was know the name of gun but it all wrong-gived gun :P
  • The enemy car is are old.What the fhuck?The plane has a modern alike but not the one that the pilot can be seen.
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