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Miami Zombies Hacked

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Miami Zombies
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Cheat: Lots of gems.

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Lots of gems.

Game Description

Miami Zombies is a continuation of the popular strategy defense game Bath Salts Zombies. This time your goal is the ultimate survival! After a brutal fight with zombies, you tried to get back on Highway 95 to meetup with your girlfriend. You did not make it too far. Your car was thrown off the road and here it starts again! Now you must fight off tons of flesh hungry undead zombies trying to eat you alive. Different weapons, upgrades and Air strikes are available. Your girl is going to support you! Let’s get it on with the Zombies now!

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  • where is the gems 0_0
  • yeah, it doesn't work
  • the game is ok
  • FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • so verry FAKE WTF... where my germs Total:0
  • ok then you get lots of gems for game play ie time 4:16 = 15 gems total kills 5 gems, total gems 203 so the hack is you get a shed load more gems for game play the hack does not give you gems before you start.
    It is a fun little game as you get to kill lots of zombies and in a zombie killing game isn't that all we ask :)
    enjoy and happy hunting
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