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Imperator - For Rome! Hacked

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Imperator - For Rome!
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Cheat: Press 1 to add money, 2 to toggle morale.
  • Imperator - For Rome! Screenshot
  • Imperator - For Rome! Screenshot
  • Imperator - For Rome! Screenshot
  • Imperator - For Rome! Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press 1 to add money, 2 to toggle morale.

Game Description

Italy, fourth century B.C. After years of bitter struggle against the neighboring peoples, Rome has become the absolute master of Italy. However, having ascended to the throne, your goals are now much more ambitious – to conquer all the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

Occupy new lands using the power of the word, the glitter of gold or the ever persuasive sword. Keep your citizens happy, lest they rebel and cease to pay their taxes.

And never forget that the greatest dangers come from beyond your borders. Barbarian war chiefs lead their armies against you. If they should conquer Rome, all is lost. The future of the Empire is in your hands!

- 30 different regions to conquer.
- Manage your empire through turn-based strategy.
- Land and sea battles.
- Over 15 unit types.
- 8 different buildings to construct.
- Save Game option.
- Tons of high quality pixel art graphics!

How To Play

- Watch the tutorial at the beginning!
- Double-click on your army or another region for action.

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