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The Heist 2 Hacked

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The Heist 2
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Cheat: Press 1 toggle invulnerability car, 2 add money.
  • The Heist 2 Screenshot
  • The Heist 2 Screenshot
  • The Heist 2 Screenshot
  • The Heist 2 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press 1 toggle invulnerability car, 2 add money.

Game Description

Hey, there you are! You must be our new driver, right? We were just waiting for you so we could begin. But first, I guess I should explain what's happening here. You see, we are thieves. Though we prefer to call ourselves the Wealth Redistribution Committee. It sounds better, don't you think? Anyway, we had a little "project" going on a while back, which we called The Heist. The plan went flawlessly. We had so much money, we didn't know what to do with it. But apparently the driver did, since he took it all for himself and disappeared. However, Johnny Two Shoes, the mastermind behind the scheme, wouldn't give up so easily. He came up with a new plan, cleverly named The Heist 2! Our goal? A healthy

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  • cool i wanted to play this hacked so badly
    thank you
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