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Hacked Stick Games

  • Stick Trampoline
    Stick Stick Trampoline
    (3.83) Cheat: All features unlocked. More blood.
  • Stick Assassin
    Action Stick Assassin
    (4.36) Cheat: God mode.
  • Stick RPG
    RPG Stick RPG
    (4.69) Cheat: Tons of money, all objects, an altered message on the answering machine.
  • Dry Fire
    Defense Dry Fire
    (4.20) Cheat: Infinite health, lots of bombs and increased attack speed.
  • Elite Sniper 2
    Sniper Elite Sniper 2
    (4.49) Cheat: Unlimited health.
  • Stick RPG Complete
    RPG Stick RPG Complete
    (4.68) Cheat: 99999999 cash, 999999999999 money in bank, 999 stats, everything at start, castle at start, faster car, faster skateboard, custom save messages, 0% bank rate.
  • Revenge of the Stick
    Tower Defense Revenge of the Stick
    (4.40) Cheat: Money hack, and a "head" hack.
  • Dynasty Street
    Stick Dynasty Street
    (4.53) Cheat: 10000 to life, 999 ammo (power up) to all weapons (except mines and grenades), instant 1000 to adrenaline after one hit, which gives you special combo hits.
  • Sift with Shorty X-mess
    Stick Sift with Shorty X-mess
    (4.03) Cheat: Maximum bullets [Start with 7, but when you reload its 99], Stamina maxed out and Infinite Lazar.
  • Sift Heads 5
    Stick Sift Heads 5
    (4.65) Cheat: When you type 'cashin' In the cheats section off the main menu and go into the game, complete an objective and instead of the normal money, you will get 9999999 money.
  • Sift Renegade 2
    Stick Sift Renegade 2
    (4.55) Cheat: Unlimited health. Cheats: constant Rage - PDC, 99 shurikens - SHU, all moves - MOV, lazy mode - LAZ.