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Cheat: Weapon cooldown time reduced x10 times.
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  • Top Defense Screenshot
  • Top Defense Screenshot
  • Top Defense Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Weapon cooldown time reduced x10 times.

Game Description

You are the Commander of the space battle station. Below you, on the planet surface, your enemy is trying to your capture deadly missile silos.
Be a hero, do not allow your enemy to seize those silos. Help will hopefully arrive soon...
Your station has a rich weapon system. Cannons, minefields, homing missiles, etc, but right now, most of them are damaged...

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How To Play

Mouse - Aim
Left Click - Shoot (Hold down to continuous fire)
Drag mouse to fire "Vulcan" or "Barman"
1-8 Keys - Switch weapons
Space Bar - Upgrades

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