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Cortex Fortress Hacked

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Cortex Fortress (play original game)
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Cheat: Infinite money.
  • Cortex Fortress Screenshot
  • Cortex Fortress Screenshot
  • Cortex Fortress Screenshot
  • Cortex Fortress Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite money.

Game Description

This pink brain has POWERS! But a flesh-rendering zap ray is not enough. Equip brainy self with brawny weapons and mow down waves of mortals and their robot minions. How long can you resist the puny human onslaught?

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  • ya lo pase es muy faciil
  • in Portuguese: Terceiro in English: Third
  • @VictorCavalcante - Em Portugues: você é um tetudo inutíl, filho da puta - In English: You're a useless fatty, son of a beach
  • And WHAT THE **** is going on you @HFG ? you guys used to do much better hacks, wheres the Fast Cool Down ? The Invulnerability ? and im not talking only about this game, but every game i play.
  • it is much like tesla tower
  • ##### not beach stupid
  • @YoshuaParapat, i can spell it however i want, just deal with it mother ****er.
  • oh @Quianer are you don't pass your elementary school stupid!!!! or you're to poor cause your mother just a ##### or you haven't parent
  • @YoshuaParapat YOU MAD BRUH ??? hahah, man, go take care about your life, go get a job, and buy some new clothes, look at your photo, i lol'd really hard, huwahuwahuwa'. And who's this gorgeous lady on your side ? your MOM ?? your mom looks like a standing skeleton dude, who do you think you are to talk about my life, you piece of garbage.
  • good game awesome
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