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Dragon Boy 2 Hacked

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Dragon Boy 2
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Cheat: Press J to toggle invulnerability, K to toggle mana, L to toggle dragon invulnerability.
  • Dragon Boy 2 Screenshot
  • Dragon Boy 2 Screenshot
  • Dragon Boy 2 Screenshot
  • Dragon Boy 2 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press J to toggle invulnerability, K to toggle mana, L to toggle dragon invulnerability.

Game Description

You've been given a chance to raise another dragon! Read the instructions and start your adventure in order to train your warrior dragon and battle the enemies! Remember to talk to people, collect items, buy stuff and upgrade your character. You must find the Elemental Stone and feed your dragon by dragging the food, so your dragon can evolve.

How To Play

-wasd/arrow keys to move
-Mouse to attack in certain direction.

Player 2:
-wasd to move
-j or k to attack
-Numeric keys as skill short-cuts

Menu keys:
-i for inventory
-t for skill tree
-p for team party
-o for options

Available in english, spanish and mandarin.

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  • i clicked on this game because of ***y girl on picture xD
  • Sweet! I've just received my free Riot Points!

    >> FreeRiotPoints.me <<
  • @EliasDManango@ you are a ****ing asshole.
  • lol i just made the dragon fire again
  • Yo dawg. What's up?
  • oh wait i figured it out the invumrability makes you die instantly on insustry level 2 and furthur (or it just happens to me)
  • Because "invunrability" won't protect you.
  • ya it happens to me also best way is to bring some one with you to protect you
  • black screen?
  • th0.0th
  • what i could do with spirts ?
  • Glitch: On the candyland level. in dough nuts, when I defeat a doughnut dude, it said I died, when my health is 100 percent full, and I have my cheats on :|
    Can someone help me with my problem? I'll never pass the candy land level :(
  • u keep losing because they explode :3
  • GUYS I survived without invisible but I turned it on and died >D
  • I KNOW HOW TO GET PAST ALL INDISTEY also I will give you guys a guide
  • LOL I came back to normal place dead
  • ¿como hago para que mi dragon cresca?estuve esperando desde octubre
  • This Game Is Good For Me xD
  • Fly Like A Bird 3 Needs to Come Here Hacked, Immortal(I), Giant Chick(G), Speed(S), Underground(U), Go Trough Walls(W)
  • **** i cant pass industry 2 its very bad, i die 1 second after i get in -______________________________-
  • @AcoVulin@ Ur A *uck*ng *u&b And *o@b And A *^nis In *^gina Ur A Mother *uck*r
  • Take That B***s*it
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