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Moonlight Sonata: The Den Hacked

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Moonlight Sonata: The Den
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Cheat: Infinite health, ammo.
  • Moonlight Sonata: The Den Screenshot
  • Moonlight Sonata: The Den Screenshot
  • Moonlight Sonata: The Den Screenshot
  • Moonlight Sonata: The Den Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite health, ammo.

Game Description

You were a grunt amongst many, sticking to your orders to safely transport an artifact of unknown value from a hovel outside of the Baldoran Empire’s borders. The mission was classified as extremely risky; traveling through the rugged Lupain country, known for its many dens of iniquity is crazy at best and suicide at worst. However no expense was spared for this mission, as the convoy was equipped to the gills with top-class soldiers, all provisioned with the latest and greatest Baldoran weaponry science could create. But no one expected the Lupain to be so well organized. A series of well-placed roadside bombs ripped through the soft underbelly of the convoy. Soldiers who could lift a gun where slaughtered. All you could hear were the screams of the dying and the endless howling of Lupain … too bad no one told us we were the decoy. You are the lone survivor. You radioed for help … but it’s fourteen days away. Now, your new mission is to survive.

How To Play

WASD to move in game
Read in-game instructions

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