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  • Dragonball Z: Devolution
    Hot Two Player Dragonball Z: Devolution
    (4.79) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle Player 1 invulnerability, 2 to toggle Player 1 energy, 3 to toggle Player 2 invulnerability, 4 to toggle Player 2 energy.
  • Madness: Project Nexus
    Hot Mayhem Madness: Project Nexus
    (4.77) Cheat: V1.8! Press 1 to refill ammo / repair weapon, 2 to heal yourself, 5 to toggle infinite ammo, 6 to toggle invulnerability, 9 to add money (+10000), 0 (zero) to add xp (+1000).
  • Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks
    Hot Adventure Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks
    (4.06) Cheat: Press 0 (zero) to toggle invulnerability.
  • Learn to Fly 3
    Hot Launch Learn to Fly 3
    (3.99) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle stage fuel, 2 to toggle boost fuel, 3 to add money, 4 to add bonus points.
  • Learn to Fly 2
    Hot Launch Learn to Fly 2
    (4.10) Cheat: Press 2 to add money, 3 to add points.
  • SuperFighters 2: Ultimate
    Hot Two Player SuperFighters 2: Ultimate
    (4.21) Cheat: Press 6 to toggle infinite health Player1, 7 to toggle infinite health Player2, 8 to toggle infinite ammo Player1, 9 to toggle infinite ammo Player2, G to toggle infinite stamina Player1, H to toggle infinite stamina Player1, J to change weapon Player1, K to change weapon Player2, L to win battle.
  • Strike Force Heroes
    Hot Action Strike Force Heroes
    (4.37) Cheat: Press 1 to enable infinite health, 2 to disable infinite health, 3 to toggle infinite ammo, 4 to level up, 5 to add money, 6 to use killstreak.
  • Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem
    Hot Action Gun Mayhem 2: More Mayhem
    (4.16) Cheat: Keyhack 1 add lives, 2 toggle infinite ammo, 3 toggle infinite double jumps. (THE GAME TAKES A LONG TIME TO LOAD)
  • DuckLife
    Hot Arcade DuckLife
    (4.18) Cheat: Infinite money and seeds.
  • Strike Force Heroes 2
    Hot Action Strike Force Heroes 2
    (4.41) Cheat: Press G to toggle invulnerability, H to toggle ammo, J to toggle rapid fire, K to level up, L to add money, T to use killstreak, Z to unlock campains, U to unlock challenges.
  • Age Of War
    Hot Skirmish Age Of War
    (4.21) Cheat: Infinite money.
  • Ultimate Douchebag Workout
    Hot Skill Ultimate Douchebag Workout
    (4.05) Cheat: Infinite health and energy.
  • Jacksmith
    Hot Strategy Jacksmith
    (4.41) Cheat: No cooldown for specials. Link in shop gives $1,000,000.
  • Incursion
    Hot Strategy Incursion
    (4.15) Cheat: Infinite coins. "Free crystals" button gives +30 crystals.
  • DuckLife 2: World Champion
    Hot Adventure DuckLife 2: World Champion
    (4.11) Cheat: Infinite money.
  • Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Hot Tower Defense Bloons Tower Defense 3
    (4.00) Cheat: Lots of money, health. Score submit disabled. No other hacks as they are premium content.
  • Last Line of Defense
    Hot Defense Last Line of Defense
    (4.15) Cheat: All purchases are free. No other hacks as they are premium items.
  • Mutant Fighting Cup 2016: Cat Edition
    Hot RPG Mutant Fighting Cup 2016: Cat Edition
    (4.53) Cheat: Infinite health.
  • Swords and Sandals 2
    Hot RPG Swords and Sandals 2
    (4.71) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle energy and health, 2 to add money.
  • Plazma Burst 2
    Hot Action Plazma Burst 2
    (4.75) Cheat: Press H to toggle invulnerability, J to toggle infinite energy, K to add money, L to skip level.
  • Rawr
    Hot RPG Rawr
    (4.00) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle invulnerability, 2 to add money.
  • The Bravest Hunter
    Hot RPG The Bravest Hunter
    (4.02) Cheat: Infinite money.
  • Sift Heads: Cartels
    Hot Stick Sift Heads: Cartels
    (4.08) Cheat: Type in the cheats menu (Career menu -> Bonus content -> Cheats): Bulletproof - TFIS, 2x more ammo from killed enemies - GAM, Move faster - EVOM, More powerful weapons - REWOP, Faster reload time - DAOLER, Unlock all chapters - UNLOCK
  • Arcane Weapon
    Hot Fighter Arcane Weapon
    (3.96) Cheat: Press 9 to toggle invulnerability, 0 (zero) to add $1000
  • Papa's Cupcakeria
    Hot Cooking Papa's Cupcakeria
    (4.05) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle customers satisfaction.
  • Bomber at War 2
    Hot Aircraft Bomber at War 2
    (4.08) Cheat: Press 7 to toggle invulnerability, 8 to toggle overheat, 9 to toggle rapid fire, 0 (zero) to add money.
  • The Keeper of 4 Elements
    Hot Tower Defense The Keeper of 4 Elements
    (4.06) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle infinite money, 2 to toggle infinite lives. Links on Main Screen gives more upgrade points.